Endpoint proactive threat protection not updating

For Symantec 12.1, you want to isolate VDI client groups from policy changes to allow scheduled scans defined on different days or off hours.

Update virus definitions using the Live Update policy which will randomize client to SEP Manager communications and optimize I/O loads when they’re not updating simultaneously.

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Symantec Anti Virus Corporate Edition was the initial software from Symantec in this market, its last release before discontinuation was version 10.2 MP1, (10.2.4).

Its successor Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) software was released September 23, 2007 and labeled version 11.

You can add IPS using the Endpoint Protection Manager under add/remove programs and full Symantec IPS instructions are available here.

As for firewall, in version 12.1 and later firewall is a separate function that does not need to be installed for IPS to function, however, for version 11 you must have the firewall running for IPS to work.

Scan the headers below for best practices in all areas of SEP and lots of links to helpful guides, as well as a way to get a free analysis of your SEP environment at the bottom using Symantec’s Best Kept Secret.

Installation is a big topic, so I encourage you to read Symantec’s Top 10 SEP installation best practices.

To run IPS and not firewall, you must withdraw the firewall policy to ensure IPS is protecting your network without forcing the use of the client firewall.

View best practices on Symantec SEP firewall settings here.

In 2009 a Small Business Edition (SBE) of SEP (version 11) was introduced Endpoint incorporates a rules-based firewall, as well as an anti-malware technique that Symantec calls "generic exploit blocking".