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Mystery himself has trained many of the most notable and most respected instructors from the world's top dating companies, many of which still teach his methods with their own personal "twist". Mystery instructed and then befriended author Neil Strauss (AKA Style), who went on to become Mystery's 'wingman', and ultimately a mentor in the seduction community himself. Mystery's concepts and dating techniques have been inspired upon in some way for the creation of most of the training materials and products in the dating world today.

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Mystery has trained thousands of students all over the world, including a who’s who of the most respected pickup artists teaching today.

A self-proclaimed "late bloomer", Mystery admits that he spent the early years of his life playing Dungeons and Dragons and having limited to no success with women until his early twenties.

Mystery is the author of the book He has received several notable awards within the seduction community.

Mystery has been ranked as one of the Top 10 Pick-up Artists Of The Year for the last seven years, even reaching the top spot in 2007 (it should also be noted that many of his former students, including Neil Strauss (AKA Style) are regularly included in these top 10 lists as well).

Mystery encapsulates and refers to these as Mystery Method and the Venusian Arts.

These methods have been summarized in various books: The Venusian Arts Handbook (2003), The Mystery Method (2006), Revelation (2010).

Peacocking – Dressing to stand out, or to have an item of clothing or an accessory that looks interesting, allowing the girl to comment on it if she is interested in starting a conversation with you.

The 3-second Rule – If you see a girl you are interested in, you must approach her within three seconds or you will over-think things and create too much approach anxiety, and you will risk her seeing you staring at her.

But his desire to love and be loved by women drove him to go out to nightclubs night after night, practicing and experimenting various ways to engage people in social interactions.

By closely examining how people engage each other during the "courtship" phase of a relationship and combining these observations with various theories from evolutionary psychology, he created a system of techniques and strategies developed to help men become better at engaging women in various social situations such as bars, clubs, coffee shops, and pretty much anywhere else.

These concepts are borrowed from evolutionary psychology and theatrical showmanship, and his experience as a magician.