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For properties that are not default or extended properties, you must specify the LDAP display name of the property.To display all of the properties that are set on the object, specify an asterisk wildcard.

Note: After you install the role service, IIS 7 commits the following configuration settings to the Application Host.config file. Specifies whether IIS automatically reauthenticates every non-NTLM (for example, Kerberos) request, even those on the same connection.False enables multiple authentications for the same connections.parameter specifies the Active Directory Domain Services authentication policy silo to get.You can identify an authentication policy silo by its distinguished name (DN), GUID or name.Kernel-mode authentication may improve authentication performance and prevent authentication problems with application pools that are configured to use a custom identity.

As a best practice, do not disable this setting if you use Kerberos authentication and have a custom identity on the application pool. Administration Module Sample Sub Main() Dim server Manager As Server Manager = New Server Manager Dim config As Configuration = server Manager. If you specify credentials that do not have permission to perform the task, the cmdlet returns an error.Specifies a query string that retrieves Active Directory Domain Services objects.If the cmdlet finds two or more objects, the cmdlet returns a non-terminating error.Specifies the properties of the output object to get from the server.element defines configuration settings for the Internet Information Services (IIS) 7 Windows authentication module.