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Evaluations have found that the support groups offer an emotionally safe and supportive environment for their members, and participants report that they produce changes in attitudes and beliefs, knowledge, self-awareness, and skills in developing healthy relationships.Girls who participate in the groups also report a decrease in insecurity and an increase in their ability to identify unhealthy behaviors by dating partners.A teacher’s whiteboard presents information in a user-friendly way and provide navigation, help, and interactive resources for use throughout the course.Expect Respect is a school-based program that works to prevent teen dating abuse and promote safe and healthy relationships in middle and high school by engaging youth, parents, schools and communities.However, these activities vary greatly in quality and effectiveness. These successful initiatives build on community mobilization, outreach, public education, faith-based leader involvement, and criminal justice participation, which will set the stage for preventing teen dating violence in Dating Matters in Baltimore City contact: Aisha Burgess Interim Program Director Dating Matters Initiative Baltimore City Health Department Office of Youth Violence Prevention1001 E.

Fayette Street Baltimore, Maryland 21202(410) 396-2206 Office(410) 218-3447 Cell Aisha. Chicago’s experience in youth violence prevention, through the National Forum on Youth Violence Prevention, and adolescent health, through the Illinois Caucus on Adolescent Health make them ideally suited to lead Dating Matters in their community.The city has demonstrated a strong commitment to violence prevention, including teen dating violence, via an integrated public health and public safety partnership that includes strong collaborations between the Chicago Public Health Department and Chicago Public Schools.Chicago will work with approximately 12 middle schools for Dating Matters The Broward County Health Department and Broward County Public Schools have an extensive history partnering on school-based and community-wide adolescent health and violence prevention programs, ranging from bullying prevention to sexually transmitted disease prevention.Watch a 3 minute video that describes the Dating Matters Recently, efforts to prevent teen dating violence have grown, particularly in schools and among policymakers and sexual violence and domestic violence prevention groups.Now many states and communities also are working to stop teen dating violence.This curriculum, which is appropriate for middle and high school students, has also been used by domestic violence centers and schools throughout the United States.