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Milk brothers or sisters are children breastfed by a woman other than their biological mother, a practice known as wetnursing and once widespread in the developed world, as it still is in parts of the developing world.In Islam those who are fed in this way become siblings to the biological children of their wetnurse, provided that they are less than 2 years old.

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Birth order is a person's rank by age among his or her siblings.Typically, researchers classify siblings as "eldest", "middle child", and "youngest" or simply distinguish between "firstborn" and "later born" children.There is a common misconception that the blood children of a godparent are godsiblings of those who were baptised by their parents."Foster siblings" are children who are raised in the same foster home, or are also foster children of the person's parents, or foster parents' biological children."Adoptive siblings" are when two children are legally related, but are not related by blood. Their only connection is that they share one or multiple half-siblings.

For example, Michael is the maternal half sibling of Kevin, and the paternal half sibling of Eden.For example, if a man has a child with a woman and then fathers a child with her sister, the children will be 3/4 siblings.This term is more commonly used in animal breeding."Sibling cousins" are those who have the same mother with their fathers being brothers or cousins or who share the same father with their mothers being sisters or cousins.This is a broader category than, but inclusive of, the 3/4 sibling above.Sibling is a modern revival of the Old English word sibling, meaning "relative, kinsman", a derivative of sibb "kinship, relationship", from Proto-Germanic *sibjō "race", from Proto-Indo-European *sebh-, *s(w)ebh- "tribe, one's own people".