Fusion101 dating site

Some members have children and almost all have at least some college education.Members pay nothing—donations help to finance the site, as do paid advertisements which are seen throughout the site.

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Membership Variety If you're worried about membership variety, or the lack of it, the site caters also to other Christian churches including Baptists, Pentecostals, Evangelicals, born again singles, Methodists and Adventist singles – it means there is a real possibility that you would bump into singles of different Christian persuasion.

This should keep your time in the site interesting as you will find yourself having discourses, flirtatious ones hopefully, with people who have strong or just different beliefs and knowledge.

Yes, the social features in here are a bit antiquated and could definitely benefit from an upgrade.

Other features include Christian dating advice guide and resources.

These are not bad but again, they are pretty common and it doesn't take away the site's noticeable lack of engaging social features.

Overall Impressions It's hard not to get attracted to a Christian dating site that guarantees Christian-oriented features, costless membership, and virtually no spam/fake profiles.

Site Features The best way to talk to members is via chat.

It's a plain-looking interface, not unlike the ones you were using a decade ago.

Fusion 101 serves Christians of all ages including teens, students, young adults, middle-aged people and older individuals.

The site uses a Personality Profile and Questionaire to help users conduct reviews of potential matches via chat, email and photo sharing.

It's not as simple as filling out a form requiring only basic details such as username and email, but one that would require you to sit down and actually think about your reasons for joining.