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His theme song is in contention for 2016 Golden Globes and Academy Awards nominations, though he just missed the cutoff for GRAMMYs consideration.

"It was a dream of mine to do Bond, but I never thought it would happen this quickly," Smith said.

Sometimes you hit a period where you just don’t have time to focus on dating. On the other end of the spectrum, sometimes nerves or a bad date experience leave you tempted to hide in your house watching “Lemonade” on repeat forever.

"It's been an absolute whirlwind of an experience, but I love this song so much and when you see it with the film, it will all make complete sense." Still, Smith hadn't yet seen the film himself at the time of our interview.

He penned the track after reading the script, but opted out of viewing the finished product ahead of time. "It's going to be so great." READ: Sam Smith Rocked Disclosure's L. Show and Everyone Freaked Out On Monday, Smith shared this snapshot of his red carpet preparations -- looking dapper in a white jacket, martini glass in hand.

Make it a point to keep trying in a way that feels manageable for you.

So I've been really not doing well with dating lately. I'm strongly considering it but I'm just not seeing the benefit.

A couple of my friends thought I should take a break from dating for a couple of months and then start fresh. It seems like the same fools will be out there whether I start dating again next week or six month from now.

I have always longed for a true partner in crime, an epic love. I became a cliché; an approximation and imitation of freedom.

theme song, "Writing's On the Wall." "I am sad, but also it feels right," Smith told ET backstage at the Hollywood Bowl on Saturday, where he performed as part of CBS Radio's We Can Survive concert event in honor of breast cancer awareness.

"It's my last performance in America, and it feels right to do it in such a beautiful setting." WATCH: Sam Smith Hilariously Channels 'Love Actually' With Epic Acceptance Speech On the heels of a highly successful debut album -- which scored Smith four GRAMMY awards in 2015, including Best New Artist -- Smith says it's time to step away from performing and focus on gaining new inspiration for his follow-up.

Yet, for two years of my adult life, I didn’t date — at all. I was in graduate school when the relationship I had white-knuckled finally imploded — and with it, my desire to take care of myself. Then, after my rebound broke up with me, I remember stopping cold in the middle of my walk through a subway tunnel and staring at the tiles on the wall, thinking, "OK, no more avoidance. Well, not exactly: my self-imposed romantic and sexual chastity ended up lasting two full years.

I rebounded, hard, and swung violently away from the things I had treasured as central to myself and my values during the relationship. It’s time to pay attention to this mess."To do that, I promised myself that I wouldn't date at all for an entire year. Believe me, it was a situation of desperate times calling for desperate measures.

I drank every night, didn’t go home for days, and danced on tables.