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On our Dover to Calais and Dover to Dunkirk routes, booking of pets must be made in advance, and they are subject to the same travel conditions as onboard our Newcastle-Amsterdam route.For Pets travelling on our Dover to France routes there is a charge of £15 per pet each way.

Pets must remain suitably secured inside your vehicle; you can visit your pet in your car during the crossing if accompanied by a crew member.Motorists can take their pet with them in the same manner as our other routes by booking online in advance for £18 per crossing per pet.These only take 15 minutes to prepare and an hour to cook.Simply prepare your jacket potatoes in advance and put them in the oven.Add some carrots, onion and milk and you’ve got yourself a hearty soup to start off the evening.

Find the recipe from uk here (A twist on a classic.They should be ready in time for the first sparklers to be lit. If you have the time in the day, this pulled pork will work a treat when it comes to tea time.You’ll need eight hours to cook a shoulder of pork but the results should be great.The perfect match for colourful fireworks apart from great company is some warm and tasty food.If you’re having family, friends or neighbours round for a night of fireworks, check out these recipes you could cook up to keep warm in front of the bright lights.You'll need a veterinary certificate that's signed, dated and shows the time of treatment.