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Full timers are scheduled 40 hours for the full week including the weekend. after 8 hours and not enough coverage on Saturday & Sunday.

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Bob Nardelli is the greediest bastard alive, and the shareholders and customers continue to feed him!!store managers managing "UP" instead of taking care of customers.I was a former Home Depot employee and I just left that dump of a store more than a month ago because they treat you like shit, the management sucks because they are unorganized, and yes, they don't hire enough employees.Also, they always cut my hours there for no reason at all.home depot mistreats employees understaffs makes low level employees work any hours they [HD] want like 6am - 3pm today then 3pm - 11pm then 5am - 2pm on a whim the store is only closed 2 days a year thanxgiving & x-mas on top of that the rumor is they're asking for volunteers for those 2 next year thats how they got rid of easter it's no longer volunteer corporate decisions and mandates are not followed I know this for a fact the problems in your local H. They call you into work an hour early because of no coverage and then cut your time if you've got 15 min OT.

who act like that store is their own little kingdom so don't always blame the employees you would not beleive the things they have to put up with HD is very poorly managed.

They don't cut hours until saturday and sunday the busiest time of the week. That place sucks ass and I hope they end up filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy!!!! for 9 months and the staffing levels are 1 per department at any one time.

this helps boost the managements profit sharing and screws everyone else.

Million in shrink in the Watchung NJ store, and the manager had me (p/time employee) race down the aisle picking up stray packages of nuts and bolts and toss them into a bucket to throw down the dumpster before his boss showed up for a visit!

All Home Depot people take classes on being worthless, most of them do not know anything about the product and then they ask someone else that doesnt know anything either. To all you disgruntled employees, you all were probably losers who wanted a paycheck for doing absolutely nothing so you deserved what you got!

Out of Stock and Corporate doesn't Care, but Lowe's ain't much better either, they are all the same, Kiss the Customer's ass and kick their employees ass, and The problems are the same as Depot's the only thing different is the Colors Home Depot wasstarted by good people with good intentions. They have grown older and are no loger running the company.