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With my background as software engineer I was especially fascinated by the mods that programmed new features into the game.

So I started to experiment a little and try my hand at a few.

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When I finished the regular storyline I didn't want to stop playing.

So I started completing the side-missions, seeking out the hidden packages and so on.

Wildenborg's 'Marine Car Park Mod' enabled the player to store 40 cars in the garage, creating a veritable parking lot of ill-gotten gains.

His work was widely downloaded and its success propelled Wildenborg up the community's social ladder.

Perhaps it was the setting and the music or perhaps it was the humour and action.

Whatever the reason, I found the game hugely attractive.

Now, sex was the natural progression, as he put it to Kolbe, an essential topic for games to cover if they were to claim the creative freedom afforded literature and cinema.

Obscuring sex from the world of GTA: San Andreas would be a betrayal of vision, a self-moderating disservice to the game, to the entire medium.

Not for the first time that month, Patrick Wildenborg was disoriented. The accent on the end of the line was unmistakably New Yorker. These are some examples of content that will be displayed graphically: All of these items are displayed through cut-scenes [a "cut-scene" is a cinematic sequence during which game play stops] and in-game.

With a one year-old baby in the house he was familiar with the fug of a deep sleep cut short by noise. It was prompted not by an infant's wail but the hysteria of a telephone ringing in the night. He continued: In [GTA: San Andreas] we are keen to include new functionality and interaction in line with the 'vibe' of the game.

At most other firms, its contents would have been considered 'NSFW'.