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It is only an estimate based on the information you supply.

Some of the information you input into the calculator will be transferred to the online claim form should you wish to continue with a claim following your trial calculation.

For people aged between 16 and Pension Credit eligibility age, if you are assessed as having at least one extra bedroom in your house, your housing benefit could be reduced.

Use our benefits calculator to find out if you qualify.

The calculator can be used to assess entitlement to housing benefit and council tax reduction.

If you are not in receipt of housing benefit, you can pay it back online. For other methods of payment, see the back of your invoice or see our how to pay factsheet.

We use the information you give us to process your claim for housing benefit, council tax reduction, or both.

The Discretionary Housing Payments scheme has a limited amount of money each year, and is therefore only awarded to customers with special circumstances.

To find out more about the Discretionary Housing Payment, see our factsheet in the downloads section.If you are unable to phone us, see other ways you can contact us - see below.When reporting a change of circumstance, you may need to provide proof of the change and when it happened.We will then review the decision and send you a new decision notice either confirming or amending the original decision.If you are still receiving housing benefit, the overpayment will be taken from your future housing benefit payments at a set rate.If you need help completing the e-form, please see our e-form factsheet.