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Anyone can apply to become a Qpid Network Affiliate for free.If you own and/or operate a website, you can apply to become a member of the Qpid Affiliate Team and, if accepted, receive an email confirmation explaining the process of promoting us on your site.

Each offer containing certain conditions is bound with a certain fixed payout.Please read the CPL program entry page for an overview of all offers here.The starting percentage is 5% and it will increase to 8% when you succeed referring 50 affiliates.And your 200th and following affiliates will make it 12%.If you do not own a website, you can opt for our Co-Brand program.

Please read the Terms and Conditions for more information.Qpid Affiliate provides CPL or CPS offers to affiliates based on the type of account. Valid leads generated from DOI offers require registrants to verify that the email addresses they use for registration are their own.This is usually done by clicking the activation link in a confirmation email sent to these email addresses. Valid leads generated from SOI offers require registrants to complete their profiles, either during registration or through account setting after registration.When a webmaster uses your link to sign up to advertise Qpid Affiliate sites, we will pay you a percentage of that webmaster's earnings.Your referral fee is based on how many affiliates you have referred.Qpid Network is a leading international dating and relationships service platform. Everyday, Qpid Network's member sites Chn, i Date and Charm, win critical acclaim for an outstanding array of high quality services, including dating and relationship guidance, gifts and flowers delivery, visa and travel management as well as translation and interpretation. Qpid Network's Affiliate Program is the most lucrative online affiliate program available!