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These services usually require registration at minimum, and may not offer a free, commercial-supported plan.Be warned: online viewing can be hazardous, as there is nothing to stop you from engaging in whole-series marathons!I don’t know if eastern and western literature influenced each other or if the elements of a good story transcend culture, but KDrama and Victorian popular novels have a lot in common.

I first encountered Korean drama on a Chinese station, and it is also occasionally aired on a local public TV station.

If your TV was made after 2004, you can probably receive these channels over the airwaves just by adding a good antenna (if it’s older, you may also need to purchase a converter box).

You’ll also notice that these awards are network-specific.

Yes, that’s right, each network makes its own awards, to the actors in its own series.

Dramas are typically aired at the rate of two episodes a week, on back-to-back nights, although there are also weekly and daily series.

If you hate characters whose personalities change depending on who wrote the episode this week, not to mention storylines forever unfinished due to abrupt cancellation, you’ll find a lot to like about this model.If you have cable or satellite TV, check for Korean channels.The major Korean broadcast networks are KBS, MBS and SBS. KBS America is specifically targeted to US viewers, and most programs (except, mysteriously, news) are English subtitled.The depth and realism this brings to Korean drama (even with the most makjang storylines) is instantly recognizable to viewers all over the world, regardless of their culture, gender, age, or native tongue.If you visit some of the blogs listed below, you will read over and over “one episode and I was hooked.” If you haven’t tried Korean drama yet, remember, you were warned :) There is plenty of genre variety within Korean drama, although you will also begin to recognize certain character types, plot twists, and familiar phrases after you have watched for awhile (see 5 signs that you are watching a Korean drama, 7 familiar characters in Korean drama, and 10 Obstacles to Love in Korean Drama). Makjang refers to extreme and colorful plot developments (thanks to dramabeans for the definition).Background music is almost always western in style as well.