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With such a great number of colors and shade variations, making the right combination is sometimes very difficult.Here are a few tips that will help choose the right color scheme for your kitchen.

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Of course we should add methods to undo actions, explain the results of an action in (micro-)copy, not use modals in the first place, etc., but for now I just want to focus on the color of the button. I don't think it slows a user down, quite the contrary actually.

We seem to have three options: 1) Be consistent with generic modals in the app Using color also indicates a regional / geographical bias. Since universally applications have adopted red and green to be colors of "be aware" and "you're ok," actions are a lot easier to perform.

Indeed, there are so many colors and patterns to choose from.

However, the task is not just to choose the right colors but also to properly combine them.

I like your suggestion to go for a non-green primary color, very good point!

If it's a customizable modal window, then I would style Cancel as a plain text-link and style Delete as a button that is red or at least is a color that matches the site branding.Thus, smooth, pale surfaces reflect the light, while rough and dark surfaces swallow it.Track Current Trends If you want to keep up with modern tendencies and are looking for something really trendy, you need to perform a little investigation and find out what colours reign.The link that brings up the modal window could be red to better distinguish it from its siblings, assuming that said link is part of some menu. The button are placed next to each other with about the size of a finger in between them (since this is a tablet app). That could very well, by styling the header of the modal red (or using some icon or different text styling), yet sticking with the generic color scheme for the buttons.Choosing the right color scheme for your kitchen can be pretty intimidating.(I think) that's why many framework colors like bootstrap chose blue for the primary. Destructive actions often make use of a confirmation and this is a good pattern to employ. I've cut down on modals as much as possible, but I can't dismiss them everywhere.