Intimidating girl dog names dating someone you met at a club

Tramp - A great name for the stray dog that you adopted.

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Theseus - Greek Mythology - A great king of ancient Athens.

You feel like your pet dog is truly a blessing from God. Timothy - The mouse character in Disney's "Dumbo." Timothy - An early convert of St.

His best known works are "War and Peace" and "Anna Karenina." Your Siberian Husky dog would adore this name. Topper - "Anything you can do, I can do better." Torero - Spanish - A bullfighter. "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" and "The Prince and the Pauper" are among his best-known works. Udell - English - A person from the yew tree valley. A dog, w/ chew toys to spare, that resembles his wild cousins. Upton - English - One who comes from the upper town. Varden - French - One who comes from the green hill. Varus - A Roman soldier who was martyred for his faith in the 4th century.

Triton - Greek Mythology - A sea god who was part man and part fish. Trooper - "I patrol my yard 24 hours a day - 7 days a week." Trump - This boy dog demands the very best. Tuxedo - "I'm black and white and formal all over." Twain - Mark Twain was the pen-name of the great American author - Samuel Clemens. Ulysses - A king of Ithaca and brave warrior who fought in the Trojan War. Vandal - Your sofa is never safe w/ this dog around. Vegas - This pet dog is all about having a good time. Vernon - Latin - A person who is youthful and spring-like.

Yancy - Native American - An Englishman or a Yankee. Yeti - The Nepalese Sherpa's term for an abominable snowman. Zechariah - A Hebrew prophet with a book bearing his name in the Old Testament. Zeno - The ancient Greek philosopher who founded stoicism. Zephaniah - A Hebrew prophet with an Old Testament book bearing his name.

Zebra - A good pet name for your black and white boy dog.

Tanton - English - One who comes from the still-river town. Tarzan - "I'm the king of this jungle that you call a house." Tate - English - A very cheerful person. Taz - This boy dog reminds you of a brown furry cyclone.

Tarleton - English - A dweller of Thor's estate. A super name for the boy dog with a great-booming bark. Taurus - The 2nd zodiac sign - represented by a bull.

Windsor - The name of Great Britain's royal family. Wisdom - "My judgment is impeccable - for a puppy." Wizard - "I'm an expert at making table scraps disappear." Woden - German Mythology - The chief god.

Winter - A fantastic name for a long-haired dog that is most at home in the cold weather.

This male dog's barking can be heard all over the neighborhood. Turpin - Scandinavian - The term meaning - a Finn named after Thor. A dog, w/ no tolerance for strife, that resembles his wild cousins. A dog, w/ no tolerance for peace, that resembles his wild cousins. A dog, w/ a love for games, that resembles his wild cousins. A dog, known all over the neighborhood, that resembles his wild cousins. A dog, reigning supreme, that resembles his wild cousins. Valiant - A prince of an animal who will dazzle you with his courage. Vance - English - A resident of the threshing floor.