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This error indicates that the user has an unlinked Google Account, which means that the user has a Google Account but does not have a You Tube channel.

Such users can access many features that are dependent on user authorization, such as rating videos or adding videos to a playlist.

This document describes the Email Settings API which enables Google partners to programmatically manipulate most user-level Google Mail settings.

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A video can have multiple tracks for the same language, but each track must have a different name. You could delete the existing track and then insert a new one or change the name of the new track before inserting it.One or more caption tracks could not be retrieved because the permissions associated with the request are not sufficient to retrieve the requested resources. One of the values in the localizations object failed validation.If there was an error that occurred during the creation of the filter, an XML error response is returned.To understand how to handle possible XML response codes see Google will verify that all requests contain valid XML, include all required data fields, and meet the authentication requirements given below.

In order to change a user's settings with the Email Settings API, the administrator must make an HTTP request (either a ) to a certain URL, and when appropriate, with an XML atom entry in the body of the request.

The following sections explain in full details the required XML format for each settings operation.

If the filter was created sucessfully, the Email Settings API will return an HTTP 201 or 200 response indicating a successful creation.

The You Tube API blog post introducing Google Account support also discusses the The permissions associated with the request are not sufficient to download the caption track.

The request might not be properly authorized, or the video order might not have enabled third-party contributions for this caption..

The body of the response will echo back the create, update, or data retrieval request.