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His culinary creations include everything from enormous pizzas covered in Marshmallow Fruity Pebbles, to vast banana splits and whole trays of burgers and tacos.

The 34-year-old intermittent faster funnels all his daily calories into a solitary meal each day, which he live streams to his 163,000 followers on Instagram at 2am each night - finishing each live cast by proudly showing off his ‘food baby’ and slapping his swollen belly.

That just like any other relationship has to grow into a mature serious relationship.

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Previously Senior Lecturer at the University of Sheffield, the doctor now teaches at the School of Art Institute of Chicago and is known for her math skills in the kitchen.Dr Cheng investigates the mathematical balance between the mince and the pastry.And if I was a dad id much prefer the RIGHT 23 year old over a 17,18,19 year old punk who only will treat her like crap.It's not illegal for a 15-year-old and a 23-year-old to date.Keen cook and Professor of Pure Mathematics Dr Eugenia Cheng has created a mathematical equation to bake one of Britain’s most loved festive treats.

Eager to prove to people that maths can be fun, Dr Cheng explains maths using everyday cooking.To celebrate this partnership, Samsung challenged Professor of Pure Mathematics Dr Eugenia Cheng to create a mathematically perfect mince pie, just in time for Christmas.50 Orgasms A Day: Amanda Gryce Finds Love As She Searches For Cure*Credits/Barcroft TV: https://youtu.be/Uw Db8Oodki0Constantly aroused Amanda Gryce can orgasm uncontrollably up to FIFTY times a day after suffering with rare condition Persistent Sexual Arousal Disorder for over a decade.Once at the edge of despair Amanda, 24, is now turning her life around after finding love - and much needed medical treatment.Samsung is the principal sponsor of the soon to be launched Mathematics: The Winton Gallery at the Science Museum.Designed by the world-renowned Zaha Hadid Architects, this outstanding new gallery tells the story of how mathematics has shaped our world.And Blake admits that his mad meals allow him a chance to indulge in the kind of ‘midnight feasts’ that he dreamt about as a child.Big Booty Injections Gave Me A 59 Inch Butt: HOOKED ON THE LOOKBrainy economics graduate, Courtney Barnes,decided to turn her back on her training and make money by flaunting her 59 inch booty to her avid online followers.