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The dipping sauce didn’t look like much at first—more of an oil or a liquid than a dressing—so I made the mistake of dunking my wing in it several times for maximum saturation. But also scrumptious and zippy, so if that’s your thing, you might want extra. The Buffalo sauced wings were delicious as well, and since you can try two varieties with each order, it’s worth sampling both to see which you like.Personally, I prefer a creamier bleu cheese dressing to accompany my wings, but if you like yours a little more tangy, you’ll appreciate what they offer at Deschutes.

That includes a generous crudité of celery and carrots, plus dipping sauce.Don’t forget to get another stamp in your Bend Ale Trail passport—you’re on a roll now!They use Draper Valley wings here, and for some reason they always seem larger than in most places.It might just be my imagination, or maybe it’s the effect of sampling my way through their extensive beer selection.Like Sidelines, Summit is a sports bar with tons of television screens to make it easy for you to catch whichever sporting event rolls your socks up. The latter has a sweet/hot Asian flair that’s perfect for those craving something a little different from traditional wings.

No matter which sauce you pick, you can count on Summit to have some of the biggest, meatiest wings around, and their bleu cheese dressing is deliciously creamy with big chunks of cheese. They don’t scrimp on the carrots and celery, either.

The sauce was tangy and smoky and absolutely perfect, and the wings themselves were generously meaty. They mention the wings in the name of the restaurant, so they’ve gotta be good, right? First of all, Hardy’s is where you want to come if you’re a serious wing connoisseur.

Let’s put it this way—my husband doesn’t like wings, and my two step kids can be embarrassingly picky eaters, especially when it comes to animal flesh. They have so many sauce varieties I actually lost count (though I think it was around 18).

If you’re craving a good pairing, Worthy’s imperial IPA is the perfect complement to this dish.

Try to stop by during happy hour when you get six of them for just , or show up anytime to score eight for .

But we’re talking specifically about wings here, and Wubba’s has some killer ones.