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In fact, Shabba Doo, who is also a former member of the infamous pop-locking ?

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Apparently No Limit Records owner, Master P., has a new boo-thang.

She’s being described as his ‘Sugar Mama’ and not only ?

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Sherri and Johnny reportedly started speaking long distance, using Face Time on their i Phones. ) Since then, Johnny has allegedly flown Sherri out to see him where New Edition’s tour was playing.

“She flew out to see him in Houston, Virginia Beach and Los Angeles.

This lie detector test wasn’t about if you cheated, stole, or lied being somewhere…this test tested Johnny’s truth about his sexuality!

We have all heard the rumors about Johnny Gill and Eddie Murphy being more than just friends.

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“Sherri is a big New Edition fan and was excited to have them at the show.