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He’ll be missed and remembered every day by his many, many friends,” they said.Actress Kellie Williams — Laura Winslow on the series — described White as a consummate professional actor. “We have all lost a dear, dear brother,” said Reginald Vel Johnson, who played Carl Winslow."Now he says he refuses to go back to the rehearsal studio again, that he wants his own rehearsal space elsewhere," the source continues.

As to why it was Jaleel White this time around, the answer is perhaps found in the suicide note he supposedly left behind. ” was the wide-eyed humorous pronouncement associated with Steve Urkel, the character’s signature catchphrase.

Earlier this year, one of those inaccurate urban legends spread like wildfire around the Internet, as folks forwarded a fabricated AP story announcing that former child star Jaleel White had shot himself in the head, leaving behind a suicide note which simply read, ’Did I do that? The minute a child knows he's running the household, whether the parents will to admit it or not, they’re walking around on eggshells. So, the advice that I would always give is make sure you've got your own career, babe, before you put your child in the business. In my mind, I have you on a pedestal as that child star icon, but after speaking with you, I realize that, hey, you've got lots of other aspirations that you want to work towards.

While California is famed for its laid-back attitude toward a great many things, said easygoing philosophy does not extend to its hospitals admitting the dead for treatment.) According to the story, White took his own life after becoming obsessed with the Steve Urkel character he’d played on Family Matters and growing despondent, presumably over the cancellation of the show. Although Jaleel has been out of the public eye for a while, he is alive and well.

No news outlets, including the Associated Press, the purported source of the article, published accounts about Jaleel White’s death.

The source added: 'Now he says he refuses to go back to the rehearsal studio again, that he wants his own rehearsal space elsewhere,' the source continued.

White was pronounced dead on arrival after admission to an LA hospital early Monday morning. Born Jaleel Ahmad White, he began his career at the age of three acting in television commercials, before landing guest spots on shows such as “The Jeffersons” and It was in 1989 that White landed the role that would make him famous, playing wacky neighbor ‘Steve Urkel’ on the ABC program “Family Matters.” Following the cancellation of “Family Matters” in 1997, friends claim White became obsessed with the character, and grew despondent, despite further successes as star and producer of the UPN sitcom “Grownups”, and as a writer for Neighbor and friend, Bradley Spencer alerted police after hearing what he described as “a loud bang” coming from White’s Los Angeles apartment.

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“When he put my stuff in storage, he deleted 3,000 photos on my computer.

I have to assume that that's what it's about -- if you're not going to put it in email form.

That it's like, “Hey here's my offer.”’Despite White’s claims that his former squeeze is hoping to make money out of his situation, it has been reported by Radar Online that she received no compensation for her interview with Star magazine, and was approached by the publication and not the other way round.

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