Kpop scandal dating

Many argue, “But aren’t they getting paid to do this?

We assure the court that this hearing will be well worth the investment in time. CEO Youngmin: That is a sacrifice I am willing to make.

Some of them are bound to be dissatisfied with the dating announcement; we will give them a nice way of handling their emotional situation by giving them a new group to follow and anticipate as well.

Web dramas dramatize male idols falling in love with a “typical normal girl” and Morning Call phone alarms allow fans to simulate what it would sound like if their favorite idol to woke them up in the morning.

But regardless of marketing tactics, K-Pop fans need to understand the difference between reality and a constructed image.

While JYPE’s official statement claimed that he was departing for “personal matters,” many netizens speculate that he either left because of harassment from Day6 fans after dating rumors arose or was dismissed from the group by JYPE due to the backlash of the initial scandal.

It is assumed that anti-fans or click-hungry media outlets would be the sources of the negativity aimed at idols who are revealed to be dating, but it is often the idol’s own fans who blow these dating scandals out of proportion .

The dissatisfaction they may wield cannot possibly outplay the dissatisfaction with Red Velveteen’s debut date being so close to that of the Generation of Girls.

Everyone else: *nods understandingly*CEO Youngmin: Besides, I have it here in my email sent out to the company in 2012 that Kai x Krystal is an ideal couple that the public will receive well.

They claim that their idol “betrayed” them, used them to keep his/her relationship hidden, and abused their trust.

However, fans will naturally regard their favorite idols in this way due to how the K-Pop entertainment industry often markets their male idols as boyfriend figures.

I’m sure they were aware of this when they signed their contracts.” Yes, idols get paid perform and yes, they get paid to entertain.