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So, now it's time to tell you where you can spend your free time!

You will note the city is divided by one of the largest rivers of Europe - Dnieper, and its citizens may be allowed to speak of the city as important as a major industrial, transportion and cultural center, where the main enterprises of all Ukraine are concentrated.

Kremenchug is a beautiful developing city populated with hard-working, good-natured and hospitable people, who have active social and cultural lives.

And from 1802, from the time of division of Malorussian province on Poltava and Chernigiv province the town of Kremenchuk became a district town of Poltava province.

Cosy single room at the hotel or one-room private apartment situated in the city center in the walking distance from the office.

Situated in the city are some enterprises such as Autokraz, Ukrtatnafta, Road Machine factory, Car-building plant, Wheel plant, Technical Carbon plant and others.

The light industries in the city are the tobacco, confectionery, knitting factories, milk plant and others.According to one from the versions the name of the town spring from a Turkish word "Kermenchyk" which is translated as "a little fortress". The official date of the founding of the town is considered 1571.Among others suppositions is a legend which is said about old times, when caravans of ships passed this place, a helmsman when he noticed granite rapids cried: "Kremin! Kremenchuk was situated on the crossing of the old trade ways, he was comfortable and strategically favourable, he often suffered from enemies.Suvorov was a commander of the Kremenchuk division.He was hardly wounded in a battle, and during winter and spring of 1788 he was a patient of the Kremenchuk hospital.We shall acquaint you with the perfect and talented people, which live in this city, if you'll decide to come to us!