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New M users often forget that Leica rangefinder coupled screw mount lenses--even if made by other manufacturers like Nikon or Canon--are ALSO fully compatible M mount lenses by adding the Leitz screw mount to bayonet mount far as I am concerned is their incredible Black and White work. Leica negs stand out on a light table instantly from Nikons/Canons/Minoltas etc.For best results you need to process your own film and prints, preferably on Leitz Focomat enlargers.

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If you want even smaller, use the 50/3.5 coated screw mount Elmar with bayonet adapter. The 50/1.4 Canon is much lighter than the 50/1.4 Summilux, yet is less expensive and offers comparable performance.

The newest entry is the compact 50/2.5 Voigtlander.

Made in Leica screw mount, add the bayonet adapter.

Another option in September 2003 is the Voigtlander SL 12/5.6 in Nikon F mount.

If you want the best, if you want to approach an art form, learn how to do it yourself. Once adjusted after testing, these Auto-Focus enlargers can focus MORE accurately than you can with a grain focuser, believe it or not!

BTW, the BEST enlargers are the Leitz Focomats Ic, IIc, Focomat V. Other than Kodachrome and Cibachrome (and its imitators), color work will begin to noticeably change within a few decades due to the dyes.For any opinion expressed here, you can undoubtedly find someone with the opposite view.Discussed are most cosmetic versions, changes in optical formula, and the general reputed optical performances.1st choice in this small contest is the tiny "thin" 90/2.8 Tele-Elmarit.Other contenders are the same size 90/4 Elmar and Rokkors for the CL and CLE.Even if it last longer, it will still fade and die long before B/W will.