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If you were too controlling, ask yourself in what ways you can be more relaxed and free.

If you were too reticent, ask yourself what's holding you back and what your fears are about opening up.

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It's common to make excuses, to pretend bad behaviour never happened, and blithely go on assuming that it will change.The dating advice and solutions here are to pay attention at the beginning, to your gut instincts and to how you feel when you are with this person and about how they are behaving.Being able to demonstrate the type of behaviour that YOU would like to in a partner, means that you will be seen and recognized for these qualities.It will be those qualities that will ultimately attract your ideal partner to you.It's easy for infatuation or physical attraction to make you want to be with each other day and night.

You need to have some 'space' and still keep your lives separate so that you can objectively assess what's happening.

If your reason for dating is to find the partner that is right for you, then there are a few dating tips to help you on your way.

For a start, make sure you are over your past relationships so that you are free and available to embark on a new one.

Act with integrity towards yourself and the other person.

Walking your talk is great dating advice because it means that you are acting in the way you would like a partner to.

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