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Commuting to work and want to catch up on current events? Going on a run and interested in the latest in astrophysics? Need to pretend you know something about finance before your work holiday party? So which ones should you absolutely, without a doubt, 100 percent have in your arsenal?

We rounded up 10 of the best podcasts for women, so you can make sure you’re listening to the best of the best. Dear Sugar Radio Now I know I’m biased because this is hands down my favorite podcast, but if you’re not listening to this, it’s time to start!

In some ways, the world reflects back to us what we are feeling. “They won’t give you the chance to get to know them. All the good ones are taken.” Are all the great guys taken? Could it be that the problem is that our perceptions are shaped by our confidence?Success without possible failure is like food without flavor: it has all the substance, but none of the enjoyment.Also, there are some lessons than only failure can teach.Which begs the question: how do you become confident enough to ask a girl out?

I can tell you where confidence doesn’t come from: it doesn’t come from giving trophies to losers.) features a theme and a few stories, most of them true, that center around it. Enter: this one stop shop for all of life’s random “how to” questions. Star Talk When I asked my aunt what podcast she thought all women should listen to, she didn’t miss a beat before naming this one.Some are funny, some are happy, some have made me cry in the middle of work. Stuff Mom Never Told You A podcast that “gets down to the business of being women from every imaginable angle”? This show delves into a myriad of topics related to women, including transgender representation on television, baby bumps, and pinup girls. Star Talk is the radio program hosted by Neil de Grasse Tyson, the renowned expert on space.One of the fun things about writing Courtship in Crisis is that I have been able to interview wonderful single men and women around the world.I can tell you there are a ton of of great ones left. Relationships require a lot of courage, particularly for men who have to take the initial risks.We weren’t fooled when they purposefully confused success and failure.