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In either case, quite likely the women involved in the union probably had been captives before they were wives.

Although these marital circumstances may have existed for quite some time among early humans, there are a number of reasons why neither polygamy nor polyandry could have survived as universal or general practices.

Once the marriage was arranged and a date was set, a wedding notice was placed on the door of the village church.

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Red jasper was worn for love, Beryl for purification and Amethyst for piety and martyrdom.Many of the same wedding rituals from Medieval times are still practiced today.Biologists have long noted that among the lower animals the natural instinct is to protect the young and supply food for their subsistence.Before humankind began to gather in clans and tribes, what passed for courtship was likely a raid on a distant group of humans that resulted in the capture of a woman who was forced to participate against her will in an instant marriage.The family of the girl gives a , or donation, to the boy she is to marry.

The dowry goes with her at the time of the marriage and is controlled by the boy.For one thing, some societies practiced infanticide, killing primarily female infants, and creating a scarcity of women.For another, among those tribes and nations who were constantly at war with each other, there would inevitably be a scarcity of men in proportion to the women.Brides often wore blue as a symbol of purity and faithfulness.Symbolic stones were worn in medieval wedding wear.Marriage Medieval times was quite different than it is today. Husbands and wives were mostly strangers until they first met.