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I am proud to call myself "a misanthrope", as I do not dislike people out of a gratuitous or misguided sense of malice, but from having experienced enough of the bastards to realise that, regrettably, you must protect yourself from most people if you wish to survive.

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Most people have allowed themselves to degenerate to such an extent that any positive attributes still remotely traceable within human nature have become imperceptible.

The positives have been so greatly eroded by the beast which continues to ravage what little goodness which may still exist within humankind, so as to render them negligible and meaningless.

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Genre: Deathcore Country: Australia Quality: 320 kbps 1. Misanthropy has been defined as "a generalized dislike, distrust, disgust, contempt and hatred of the human species, human nature or society." As misanthropes we are people who have seen and experienced enough of the inherent sham and corruption within the human species and the society which humans have created; a society based upon selfishness, ruthlessness, duplicity and greed, to feel any admiration for humankind.A misanthrope is someone who values selflessness, integrity and authenticity, and who rejects the corrupt nature of the human condition as it has become.For this reason I shall always be an outsider, a loner, a recluse and a misanthrope.I take no sense of moral superiority from this mode of being, just a deep sense of sadness, and a simple, self preservational desire to protect myself from my fellow man in his current condition.I have found it impossible to find anything likeable about most people and I do not enjoy interacting with them.