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Beautifully designed penthouse loft in newer building, 'the nicest floorplan in the building'.

Situated in the heart of historic Gastown, steps away from galleries, award-winning restaurants,…

Coming into our third week of development on Pawcho, once the high concept and mechanics had been nailed down, it was time to talk about narrative.

Ultimately we chose to go with narrative separation, and placed them at the end of the levels to prevent this problem for arising.The idea is to give part of the game to children, and part to the adult.Dates: November 30 - December 4, 2016 More » DOXA, presented by the non-profit Documentary Media Society, is Western Canada's largest documentary film festival; it brings the best in independent and Canadian documentaries to Vancouver every May.As the Following the Vancouver Pride Parade and Pride Festival (which always takes place in early August), this annual film fest brings the best in world, queer independent cinema to Vancouver.We wanted Pawcho to be both a story and coloring book in one, and at no point did we want the narrative to feel forced or unnecessary.

Each level of Pawcho involves a child interacting with several letters, tracing and filling them in to complete a task for our brave police dog to help him along his journey to rescue the ABC’s.

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While the Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF) is Vancouver's most famous film festival, it's just one of the diverse array of film festivals that come to Vancouver every year.

It's mandate is to promote and showcase dynamic images of Asians and Canadian Asians, with a focus on contemporary Asian cinema--often made by North Ameicans of Asian descent.

Dates: November 3 - 6, 2016 More » The Vancouver Jewish Film Centre's VJFF is the longest running Jewish film festival in Canada.

We pictured Pawcho as a game that could be played as a collaborative effort between parent and child.