Need more space in dating

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People tend to feel guilty about taking time for themselves.

Perhaps they wouldn't if they realized that doing so gave them more energy to devote to the ones they love."Source: Steven Slon, Dr.

Travelling more, trying new things, maybe having a ... Allsorts from heavy metal to pop - I ...55, male, Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire Golf, theatre, enjoying the great outdoors. Variety, sense of achievement, oh and the holidays are good. Having my own space and allowing others their own space and respect is a good thing.

I like having space around me without being on view. Australia, South Africa, ...40, male, Nottinghill Gate, London I like easy going people.

"However much you love your work, you still need a vacation.

However much you love your family, you still need some time alone.

It is not a cowardly way to say you want out of your marriage.

It is time alone, usually at home, sometimes a walk or time at a gym, for just you.

Managing these perfectly is the difference between a perfect relationship and an imperfect one. So you’ve found your prince charming, or won the hand of the lovely maiden.

How to give space in a relationship Happily ever after… How real is the reel life that glorifies just attaining the girl or the guy? But continuing to live happily after the fairy tale ends is another story.

Look for ways to address and fix any underlying issues.