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He finished third in the final four of the compeition.

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As one of Season Three's Top 10 finalists, Haskell joined his fellow contestants in the 2007 SYTYCD tour that concluded on November 30, 2007.

On the August 7, 2008 Season 4 finale, Haskell, along with other finalists from seasons 1-3, joined Season 4's top 20 in a dance number.

Who knows what Travis’, or Kent’s, or Neil’s orientations are.

I’m not going to speculate here, and it’s completely beside the point anyway.

The few times two men actually dance together, the concept is carefully spelled out as romantic.

It’s “Two princes going to war,” “Two beat boys fighting over the same girl,” or “Two regular joes playing baseball!

The current relationship status of Neil Haskell is not known.

Dance Specialty: Contemporary Hometown: New York Currently Resides: Age: 23 Neil David Haskell (born April 16, 1987) is an American contemporary dancer.

The couple danced together until Week 6, when the couples were assigned new partners.

Haskell was then partnered with Sara Von Gillern, and debuted their disco routine.

Haskell has described his dance style as jazz/ballet.