Neil kastor dating

The boat pulled up to a waterfall, Orne cut the engine — and things got awkward.“I thought, ‘What’s wrong with you?

Orne is newly married, to former News 2 reporter/producer Karen Higbee.

They had a private, very small ceremony out of the state, and there is a big ol’ honky-tonk bash reception planned for here in Nashville.“We started out as really good friends at work, actually. Orne, who used to anchor the morning news with his first wife, Heather Orne, rarely crossed paths with the new producer Karen Higbee after he and Heather split six or so years ago.“I was a producer, he was an anchor and we worked opposite shifts so we only saw each other in passing, really,” said Higbee-Orne.

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”This, of course, was code for, “Is Neil Orne dating anyone right now, and if not, will you introduce me to him?

”Well, ladies, I can finally answer that question for you.

During my stint as News 2 entertainment reporter, there was one question I was asked more than any other.

No, it had nothing to do with Bob Mueller’s mustache.“Heyyyyyy,” the question, usually posed by a female, would begin, “what’s the deal with Neil Orne?

(Later, she asked him to fish it out of the water.)At the wedding, they gave little rings to Orne’s two daughters, ages 4 and 7, so they could feel part of the engagement, too.“We’re so proud of the girls,” Orne said.