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I stared off in the distance spacing out until I felt a sudden presence enter the forest.More than 5 or 7, they're moving to fast to tell and somehow blocking their presence…Tu me manques It was a long hour flight from Paris and you find yourself stretching your limbs upon the announcement by the pilot that its passengers may alight.

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Viktor Nikiforov and you met the win “There aren't many of you left, but that most certainly doesn't mean that any of you can relax.” Standing in the center of the cafeteria with an all too serious expression on his face, Thoth crossed his arms and looked over the remaining students. You've had more time to prepare than anyone, so there's no excuse for any less than your best.”As he spoke, the entire room went stiff, sensing a familiar presence.

A second later, Zeus's displeased voice echoed through the room. I told you to teach them, not play silly games.” Thoth lowered his head and opened his mouth to answer Zeus, but before he could, Zeus lifted his hand and silenced him.

Your outburst turned heads from all students even your E-class friends."She kissed me first," he said trying to save himself."Oh I see, and shoving your tongue down her throat was pushing her away was it? Reader (Chapter 25).: Baugou Katsuki A week after Halloween, 06.11 "Big Brother! I walked into the toy shop, and (Name) was at the shelves chock full of Pro-Hero figurines. The sun was barely out a perfect moment to watch the sun rise, but you didn't have time to look at the scenery.

" you voice became louder in anger."Can we talk about this in private? Enoch was on his shoulders as he looked on the higher shelves. " I asked, trying to remember the faces of my class, looking up from the recipe I had pulled up as a projection off the H-Watch. You knew today was the day when you and the gang had to face Kuyo.

You step out of the platform and was met with pleasantries, welcoming you to your destination. You glance at your watch to look at the time suddenly remembering that yours was still set at the Parisian time.

You laughed inwardly realising your mistake and made your way towards the baggage area.

: Were you the one who killed those magical girls in the building? : Well..can pay me back by fighting me.(Y/n):*You grinned* Oh? Reader x Viktor - Cradle Me Trigger Warning; themes include self harm (cutting) and depression.

You are a demon so Nothing pleases you more but to see the strong suffer.(Y/n): Humans go to jail..get put down. As you exited out of the building you sense there was someone nearby.(Y/n): I know you're there A blonde girl with elf ears comes out of the shadows and sat on a brick wall.??? (Y/n):*You crossed your arms* Well..does you want???? : Either way you killed of them was suppose to be my opponent.(Y/n):*You smirked* Greedy are we????

You were doing well, able to summon more power out of small attacks without wasting too much energy. all in all though comments and feed back are much appreciated and I hope you enjoy.)This story is also on my Wattpad with loads of other Assassination stories and Other oneshot folders: https:// Anime123"(Name) Wait I'm sorry..." Karma panicked as he chased into the school entrance"Save it Karma... " (Name)'s voice was airy and hesitant as he caught up to Enoch, and they entered the large toy shop in the Kiyashi Ward Mall.

And after hours of failed summons, Weiss was finally able to summon a full suit of armor that followed her commands.“Aw, I was hoping you were going to summon a copy of me.” you joked, but then had one of her explosive glyphs go off right next to you. I don't want to hear your excuse," you snapped and spun to glare at your cheating boyfriend. I wanna see if they have the new Kamui Woods action figure in! I was currently hiding behind a vending machine as I watched (Name) weave through some people. It was weird how all of a sudden, the kid he hated, was now the biggest thing in his life, and I was suspicious.

Your weak, naive heart longed for everything wrong for it, your wholesome affection distorting into poison that traveled through your veins, It mattered not.