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All the sessions are held either in the morning or after work.

The sessions are designed to be short and educational and are free for you to attend once you have registered.

Now that it's nearing completion, the market is completely oversaturated with penthouses, and realistically, Freddy knows it needs to come down almost million to spark interest.

But of course, that doesn't matter to Zach or investor Steve, and when Fredrik pays a visit to the two he's completely blindsided.

Managers do not have a clear vision of how to boost profits by improving on their company’s pricing practices.

This four-day program will provide you with strategies, tools and best practices for rigorously tackling pricing issues at both strategic and tactical levels.He walks into an empty penthouse, with his pal Zach Vella nowhere in site.Instead it's an angry Steve, who tells Freddy he needs to get it sold before they move onto a new broker.Pricing presents managers with one of their most powerful levers for maximizing profits and shareholder value.In many organizations, however, this value remains hidden.Finaly, as the intl extension uses ICU data, which contains a lot of very useful features when it comes to creating your own date/time formats.