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They’ve really bonded with each other and are like best friends now.It wouldn’t surprise any if us if it turns into something more serious, something romantic.” “When Kristen is on location for long periods of time, she usually has a good friend come stay with her but not this time cause she has Nick,” our source dished.

Hoult found portraying his "Equals" character weird.The actor described his experience playing a role in which he was supposed to remain emotionless.He confessed, "It's surprisingly strange, because your natural instinct is to feel something, and then to try and rein that in is a completely inhuman way of interacting." The star went on to say, "Drake's style, the way he wanted things conveyed was very small and subtle and contained because it's an awakening for these characters.So it's a different challenge, but something I really enjoyed exploring with these guys." 5.With supermodels like Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell in attendance at the opening night of the ' Alexander Mc Queen: Savage Beauty' exhibition, Dianna Agron probably realised she needed to bring her A game to the event.

And one look at this fabulous frock shows she succeeded!During a chat with, the British actor briefly spoke about his romance with ex-girlfriend Jennifer Lawrence, filming with Stewart and more.Check out these 5 things we learned about Nicholas Hoult from his interview below. While dating Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult didn't pay attention to what the media had to say about their romance.When asked what it was like to have his love life in the news he said, "What's written is not true anyway, so it's actually pretty funny." Hoult continued, "And if you look at it from the grand scheme of things, I think everyone has their own things going on in their life and much more important stuff going on, so the British phrase that I normally coin around that sort of thing is "storm in a teacup." 2.Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult didn't always relate to one another while filming "Equals." The 26-year-old star admitted that he and the "Café Society" actress did not bond over being child actors.Featuring a daringly low-cut neckline (which turned out to be a bit risqué at some points), this isn't a design made for wallflowers, especially with that oversized tie-waist belt which adds yet another theatrical touch.