Non sedating antihistamines for hives

It has been called a third-generation antihistamine, although it does fall into the category of a second-generation antihistamine.

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It can be found in a syrup, tablet, and oral suspension form, as well as in the form of quick-dissolving tablets.It falls in the category of nonsedating antihistamines, although it can cause headaches and urinary retention, as well as dry mouth and blurred vision, just like Cetirizine. Fexofenadine is an antihistamine used in the treatment of the hives, hay fever, as well as other nasal congestion troubles.It was discovered in 1981 and is on the World Health Organization’s Model List of Essential Medicines.Loratadine is actually available as a generic drug and can be used to treat hay fever and chronic idiopathic hives as well.Although allergic reactions can cause hives, most hives are non-allergic.

If you have a true food allergy, medication allergy, or bee sting allergy and you have an obvious exposure to your trigger, then you need to follow your own doctor’s advice on immediate treatment and seeking medical care.So, dear reader, here is a quick primer on what to do if you get hives. Hives can vary somewhat in appearance, but generally are dime sized to half-dollar sized and have a red rim with a clear center.If you get a bunch of them together, called coalescence, they can look much bigger. Some people say they burn a bit, but most describe intense itching.Brand names: Allegra, Telfast, Fexidine, Tilfur, Telfexo, Fastofen, Vifas, Allerfexo, Flexofen.Levocetirizine is a third-generation non-sedative antihistamine, developed from cetirizine.One of the main indications is drowsiness, thus your doctor will probably recommend you taking these medications before bedtime to avoid the energy drop.