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Comprehensive RESTful API fleet integrates anywhere: back-office/ERP, Salesforce, Siebel and others.

Manage resellers, distributors, ISVs and sales people on any transaction and in hierarchy relationships.

Leverage its robust capabilities as a channel partner management system to add channel capabilities to your existing ecommerce infrastructure.

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But I guess, in this age of enlightenment and the internet, ignorantly displaying one's stupidity has become fashionable...To a Gael, whose people have been attacked by a policy of ethnic cleansing and genocide, the consideration of anything “Royal” is as logical as asking anyone of Jewish faith and heritage to consider joining the Nazi Party.Use individual modules or functions, roll-out to only certain partner types or geographies – expand as you grow.Marketing activities, specific order types such as renewals or upsells, as well as usage, quotes and product activations.Learn more The Syndicated Commerce Smart Channel model allows you to involve your partners in every aspect of ecommerce.

Your partners will have the ability to earn commission for referring sales from their digital marketing efforts, nurture renewals, send end customers to commerce check-out via quote-to-cart, syndicate your product catalog for their own ecommerce store and even embed a special version of your store on their website – complete with co-branding capabilities.Resellers and B2B customers get best practice self-service and a B2B purchasing experience.Learn more The Partner Marketplace Smart Channel model leverages your commerce infrastructure to provide a marketplace for the online promotion and sale of partner products.A Navy rebuilt, at last, by Conrad Black, in the National Post, March 14, 2015 A poster that was created by a student has now been removed from the wall of a Nova Scotia high school because it depicts a black man wearing chains.The (Tri-County Regional) School Board took it down after receiving a complaint but the students are upset thay were not consulted and they say their education is being censored...In the British comedy Yes Minister, if a (political) decision was going to lose votes, it was called ‘controversial.’ If a decision was going to lose an election, it was called ‘courageous.’ This is a very, very courageous report...