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Further, we added several codes to make the system exhaustive and content valid.

We also included two codes added to the original MICS after the factor analysis was conducted - withdrawal and dysphoric affect (Heyman, Weiss, & Eddy, 1995).

Signing up for the website allowed students who were stuck with the same group of classmates all day to meet people outside their network, Hirner said.

Instead, we are expanding the scope to look at all the relationship and family factors that that contribute to violent behavior, the influence of IPV on the psychological and physical health of family members, and ways to prevent or treat those factors.

As you will see by reviewing our work, not only have we done what is more typically thought of as IPV research, but we have also investigated, among other things, the impact of IPV on oral health, conflict in teen dating relationships, anger responses and regulation in adult couple conflict, and physiological responses to both parenting and partner stimuli.

Alexa, 28, and Jean Meyer, 28, the website aims to make online dating more selective for users by limiting the dating pool to users with verified school accounts.

"My department is 90 percent female, I find it very helpful," said Lara Hirner, 28, a student at Columbia's Teacher's College, who has gone on two dates with NYU and Columbia students since joining the site last week.

And while studying abroad in Madrid last year, things got pretty steamy between Hot Sammy and a girl he met during a weekend trip to Copenhagen...

one source tells us they hooked up in a cab, just inches from one of his friends and the cab driver! In creating the RMICS, we first used a factor analysis of all 1,088 couples coded with the MICS over a 5 year period (Heyman, Eddy, Weiss & Vivian, 1995), which indicated that the original 37 microbehavioral MICS codes could be condensed into four "categories" - hostility, constructive problem discussion, humor, and responsibility discussion. The fourth, responsibility discussion, was incorporated into the broader notion of attributions. Couples’ Communication Variables as Predictors of Dropout and Treatment Response in Wife Abuse Treatment Programs. We used Holtzworth-Munroe and Jacobson's (1988) distillation of attributions into distress-maintaining and relationship-enhancing attribution codes. It turns out that Samuel is a 22-year-old NYU grad who recently started working in the fashion industry.He's also, um, NBD, really good friends with Gigi and Bella Hadid.Since it's launch, close to 3,000 students have registered with the site, Alexa said."We were actually surprised by the takeoff," he said.