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So we play the “let’s read into everything he does” game.Keep in mind this is an international relationship and not the boy who lives 30 minutes away and I can meet him anytime.

So how do I know if it’s worth it or if it’s all gonna be like a giant bomb exploding around me because what we have online or the phone just can’t be sustained “in real life.” I would like to know what to look for.

Dear Charoa, I trust you’re asking me if this relationship is real, as opposed to the person.

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Then, they’ll develop a rapport over a few weeks and ask you to send money.

And when you do, you’ll never hear from them again.I, like most women, think we have guys figured out but are so wrong most of the time.Men DON’T usually share their feelings or sometimes are afraid to I guess.Facing all the issues of different cultures and language I never regretted it.I still remember the passionate kisses when we met the first time and that the moment I saw him I know he is the guy who I have been talking all those months even so I know him now a lot more.There was nothing the site could do – as all they had on her was an email address, a fake name and a cancelled credit card.