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so there are all these pansexuals posting in forums, blogging, and reblogging shit about being pansexual. we need pansexual discourse in order build a community; we need to share our stories and we need to learn from each other. non-binary trans* people may identify as bigender, agender, neutrois, genderbender, genderfluid, genderfuck, genderqueer, pangender, etc. this means that many intersex people are women or men. despite the etymology, bisexuality doesn’t erase non-binary people.

thing is, i see a lot of the same oppressive misconceptions making the rounds, so i wrote this post for everybody who’s interested. this means that trans* women are women and trans* men are men. so don’t say you’re pansexual cuz you’re into “men, women, and trans* people.” when you say you’re pansexual cuz you’re into “men, women, and trans* people,” it sounds like you don’t think of, say, trans* men as men. go ahead and say you’re pansexual cuz you’re into “men, women, and non-binary trans* people.” that’s how many people experience pansexuality, along with being into people regardless of their gender (people experience pansexuality in many different ways). so don’t say you’re pansexual cuz you’re into “men, women, and intersex people.” when you say you’re pansexual cuz you’re into “men, women, and intersex people,” it sounds like you don’t think intersex people can be men or women. sure, there’s a “bi” in “bisexuality”, but there’s also a “pig” in “guinea pig”.

Hi everyone my name is Skylar and I appreciate everyone who is following me. ❤️❤️❤️ Im 16 years old and have a great love for books and writing them. name: rose (it's my middle name because I don't feel comfortable giving my real name out on the internet) Pronouns: she, her, Gender: female Sexuality: pan sexual (in other words desperate) Likes: green day, 21 pilots, set it off, anime, writing, books YO! " About Me: I like to give constructive criticism.

i don’t have the excellent brain-fish required to explain this issue as explicitly as the article does, so just read it. if someone were to call me a “tr*nny,” it would be a transmisogynistic reference to dmab trans* people and it still wouldn’t be my fucking word. (trans*/cis) women and (trans*/cis) men experience binary gender.everybody else experiences non-binary gender, excepting people who don’t experience gender at all. this is an important conversation, peoples; i’d love to talk about it further.if you already know this stuff– plasmic (and you know who you are, i’m sure). i mean, we call stephen harper “the right honorable stephen harper”, for fucks can we agree that the english language, though beautiful, is totally cocked up? also, there is no reason why bisexuals who only experience attraction to people of 2 genders have to experience attraction to men and women. you can do this with clothing, mannerisms, pronouns, etc.there’s no such thing as too much research and this shit is important.

for the pan pov, check out i can’t even get angry at people who hate pansexuals just for being pansexual, pansexuality test, 10 panphobic myths, fuck NO, pan problems, and what does it mean to be pansexual? some of those links are to my own posts.) for non-pansexual pov’s, check out these links: why i identify as bisexual and not pansexual, the “two” in “bisexual”, my evolving definition of my bisexuality, bisexuality, binarism and why everyone has it wrong (contradicts my point about bisexuality not being inherently binarist and i totally disagree with it, but i’m including it so this isn’t too one-sided), an excellent rebuttal to that last link, and pansexuality: a hidden gender binary buster. also, q&a: bisexuality vs pansexuality is pretty informative. Community Q&A Coming out is an exciting but difficult milestone, no matter who you are.the gender binary is a gender system including only men/boys and women/girls as mutually exclusive categories. pansexuality specifically includes attraction to people existing outside the gender binary. if you’ve already done some research, do some more research. i’m also interested in links to informed pansexual need to understand these phrases: “binary gender,” “non-binary gender,” “gender binary,” “cis”, and “trans*” if you’re going to talk/write about pansexuality. if you haven’t done any research, fucking get to it; now’s the time. You're ready to show people your true identity, but you may be worried about what other people think.