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Now with the upcoming Black Veil Brides album I am being a little bit more honest and direct with my lyrical content probably as a result of having written this record,” he said in an interview with Giving the BVBArmy even more excitement to add to this already excellent news, Andy recently confirmed that work is also underway on the new Black Veil Brides album.Speaking on the red carpet at the APMAs in July, he said: “The intention is to finish both [the Black Veil Brides and Andy Black] records concurrently.Photo by @zakkcervini (shoutout to little lightning) Week 2 of #Andy BLACK in the studio!

There were dolls (2006), comic book (2009), Wentz's fashion line (Clandestine Industries, starting in 2006), a chain of bars (Angels and Kings, starting in 2007), Wentz's short-lived music show on MTV (FNMTV, in 2008) and a FOB-laced remake of the video game Oregon Trail (2009). The band's most attention-grabbing ploy was its March 2008 attempt to enter the Guinness Book of World Records by becoming the first band to play all seven continents.

The band also regularly embraced scavenger hunts and other viral marketing schemes to include its fans over the years and collaborated with other artists, including Timbaland, T. Weather ultimately forced the cancellation of a planned gig on Antarctica, but the band went on to claim another Guiness World Record: most interviews conducted by a duo in a 24-hour period, achieved when Wentz and Stump went out to promote the band's fourth studio LP, was the band's most ambitious undertaking to date, with FOB folding a multitude of genres, including glam rock and R&B, into their sound for another top ten debut. The record was originally slated for an election day release but the band — who supported President Barack Obama during the campaign process — opted to push the release back until mid-December.

Is this the Fall Out Boy and Black Veil Brides mashup we have all been waiting for?

Having wrapped up a summer on Warped Tour, performing alongside his beloved girlfriend Juliet Simms, BVB’s Andy Biersack is now hard at work recording his debut solo album – under the name Andy Black – with 5SOS, Sleeping with Sirens and All Time Low producer John Feldmann, but by the looks of Andy’s Instagram, he’s also been getting a little help from FOB frontman Patrick Stump. What a pleasure it has been today to work and talk music, life & experiences with the incredibly talented and kind @patrickstump and to have @quinstagram playing guitar and adding his vast talents to this record! This is truly a dream come true making this record!

NOT A CHANCE "I don't want to leave," Jack mumbles.

Everything is quiet for a moment, and then -"Then don't."Or, the one where Jack goes to London and falls in love.

I have almost all the material worked on for Andy Black.

We're going to get in, start working with John Feldmann and do a Black Veil record, then I'm going to try to get an Andy Black record done." If Andy has stuck to his original plan, this photo would mean that the new BVB record is already in the can, but the band have been hinting that they aren’t starting work on the album until this winter!

Last year Andy revealed that writing his solo stuff has changed how he creates songs for Black Veil Brides, too.

“Doing these Andy Black songs led to me changing my writing style a little bit for Black Veil.

The nine-song collection that displayed lyricist Wentz's love of wordy titles and pop-culture references, often on the same track, as with "Parker Lewis Can't Lose (But I'm Going To Give It My Best Shot)." A deal with Gainsville, FL-based indie Fueled By Ramen followed, resulting in (Number 153, 2004), both of which mostly stayed within the pop-punk formula, though with occasional flashes of wit and groove.