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by the time the movies started coming around, I was Harry Potter’d out. Daniel Radcliffe: Sometimes it’s embarrassing that a lot of people have seen the movies many more times than me and know the movies a lot better than I do. It would be sort of fun to get to play that side of myself. Paul loves Henry Public, so we go there all the time. Me and my friend tried to sing “I Get Around” [by the Beach Boys], but it’s way harder than you think it’s going to be.I just remember watching a lot of American football, because Dan is into that. I thought of it as a kind of workmanlike place." The understanding that her last name had clout came later.

She grew up, not surprisingly, very interested in storytelling and quite sure she'd be a writer when she grew up.

"Then when I went to high school, I auditioned for a school play and my life totally changed.

Zoe Kazan and Paul Dano are the stars of Ruby Sparks, a clever love story about, among other things, identity and the balance of power in relationships. The couple was in Toronto recently to promote Ruby Sparks, and Kazan talked about working with her partner.

Directed by Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris (Little Miss Sunshine), Ruby Sparks opens Friday in Toronto and Vancouver. For one thing, she's aware that real-life couples often have no chemistry together on the big screen, because, "There's very little tension there," says Kazan, "And we'd been together four years then, five now, and you don't have that butterfly feeling any more.

"We weren't totally 100% dating yet, and I remember having that impression and thinking, 'Oh, s---, this girl can write.' So, yes and no, I knew.

You know, one thing is that Zoe continually surprises me, which is a great thing, so I'm not saying I expected her to write such a great script ...I mean, I knew who he was in a larger sense, but it never had any impact on me until then."The nice part for me, the time it's something special, is that I had the example of having parents who made their living doing something creative." Did Paul Dano know his actor girlfriend, Zoe Kazan, was such a great writer?"We did a lot of little tricks, like, we didn't allow ourselves to touch each other on set.The little things you do -- leaning into a shoulder or putting out a hand -- we didn't let ourselves do that, so I think that built up a little longing between us, and I think that helped bring it up to the screen." Kazan is the daughter of two screenwriters (Nicholas Kazan and Robin Swicord) and the granddaughter of director Elia Kazan.His father is of Slovak descent, while his mother is of Austrian, Swedish and Bohemian Czech ancestry.