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Upgrading the Crib – One of the first things many pros do when they get ahead of the game is to take their “shelter” to the next level.

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Apart from work-related necessities, such as maintaining a bankroll to play with and covering expenses related to poker events that are not paid for by sponsors, how do you spend your money?

Here are nine ways poker pros handle their discretionary income.

Jennifer Harman and [WPT Champion and six-time WSOP event winner] Ted Forrest would help me out when I’d blown my bankroll.

It’s uncomfortable for me to play against Jennifer Harman, because of all she’s done for me – so if I lose a pot to her, it doesn’t hurt at all.

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I reached the final table and Todd couldn’t be there, so he told Jennifer, “Go watch this kid and make sure he doesn’t steal the money from us!

” So she came to watch me play and I won the thing.

Barry Shulman is well known as a cruise traveler; he’s been on over 100 cruises, 36 ships and 16 cruise lines.

Getting Educated – When tuition money is no object, time to study often is.

If someone’s eliminated deep into that tournament, everyone gives them the handshake and the hug, and the moment of empathy. John stepped in, spoke out, and ensured that the player wasn’t taken advantage of. At [Vegas casino] the Horseshoe once, [late, five-time WSOP event winner] Stu Ungar lost a few hands in a row, got his penis out and started peeing on the dealer’s leg.