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Should I see if she’s willing to give up pot in order to date me? Part of me thinks this can work if I make serious efforts to abstain when in the presence of pot and to avoid those situations as much as possible, but I don’t know if I can do that.

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I knew how horribly my addiction affected my life, but I developed a very defeatist attitude toward it.While high, I lamented all of the things that I could be doing if only I were sober, but when I was sober, all I wanted to do was get high.On our second date, though, she told me casually that she wanted to become a pothead.She’d always liked pot but had always preferred drinking, so she drank way more often than she smoked.I was devastated when I came home one day and he’d moved out in the middle of the night without saying anything to me, but then it hit me how pathetic and parasitic he’d probably viewed me.

Pot came first in my life, and I hated what my addiction did to my sociability, creativity and work ethic, but I got high anyway and always thought about getting high when I was sober.Abstract - 4,228,318 Patent A method and means are disclosed for dissipating heat in a high voltage cable termination which includes a plurality of axially stacked annular capacitor elements disposed coaxially over the prepared end of a high voltage cable and disposed within an annular insulator so that a temperature gradient normally exists radially across the capacitor elements.A thermally and electrically conductive annular disc is interposed between each adjacent pair of stacked capacitors for dissipating heat from the area inwardly of the capacitors to the area outwardly thereof.However, she was getting tired of hangovers and she just really wanted to come home after work and smoke a joint.When Helen told me she wanted to become a pothead, this worried me.Don’t date her.”I’ve never dated a girl who I get along with as well as I get along with her. Plus, being in a program can help you see the role addiction has played in your relationship with your mother. Part of that is because I have some history with this sort of thing, I’ll admit that.