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San Disk is one of the most popular brands of camera memory cards among pro and amateur photographers alike. Sigma is said to be coming out with an 85 mm ART lens.

Not sure what this acquisition will mean in terms of reliability and technical aspects of these card going forward. If it's anything near as good as their 50mm ART lens, it ought to me a killer portrait lens for Full Frame cameras.

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General/OT Discussion - This forum is the heart of VS Planet and what keeps it in orbit after the VS recorders are not as relevant today, as they were a decade ago.

Friendships from all over the world have been made here.

For the techies among us - we set up data replication between the databases a couple of weeks in advance to make the transition transparent to everyone, but there appear to have been some unique key issues on select items that we're having to address manually.

We will be performing some maintenance on the message boards Thursday, March 1 from 9am noon ET.

Her kan du diskutere alt som har med utstyr for terrengsykling gjre.

Landeveisutstyr br diskuteres under Landeveis-kategorien Asfalt, lycra, skillelinjer, Campa, SRAM eller Shimano, Tour de France, Giroen, Roubaix, proffer, amatrer og langturer. Utstyr og trening, stil og sykkeltekniske sprsml ta det opp her.

The message boards will be unavailable during this time. To help deal with some responsiveness issues on the servers and make sure the boards are speedy, I have turned off the new post counts that show on the list of forums.

I have also limited the size of forum searches that can be performed.

We have changed this restriction and posts can now be modified for up to a year since they were last edited.

This should be particularly useful for the Marketplace forum where people can now make one post and edit it over time as their inventory changes.

We look forward to future enhancements that will continue to improve the NGC Registry.