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Prox terms is an invoicing agreement that requires the receiver of a good or service to reimburse a business within a month.

(next month) it’s an example of an outdated commercial language.

Few businessmen would today begin a letter “With reference to yours of the 14th ultimo”, or “yours of the 23rd instant”, or “Please attend this office for interview on the 11th proximo”, but it was once standard and taught in the best books.

A "breach" is an incident where a site's data has been illegally accessed by hackers and then released publicly.

Review the types of data that were compromised (email addresses, passwords, credit cards etc.) and take appropriate action, such as changing passwords.

A "paste" is information that has been published to a publicly facing website designed to share content, usually anonymously.

Often these are indicators of a data breach so review the paste and determine if your account has been compromised then take appropriate action such as changing passwords. For example, We'll be needing a new car in the near future. This term employs near in the sense of "close at hand," a usage dating from about 1300. » READ MORE "It is a great good and a great gift, this Greater Good.Prox is short for the Latin term "proximo mense" and means in the next month.Formula 1: Net Price = List Price (1-Rate of Discount) or N = L (1-d) Therefore, the single rate of discount is 27.33%.