Quit dating the church why dating sites work

Quitting Christianity is obviously about much bigger things than whether I could get a man to date me, but that, along with the gender inequality in the church, was ultimately a dealbreaker for me.

That’s because the church is the best context—God’s greenhouse, if you will—for us to flourish spiritually.

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One of my friends said, “Don’t lose sight of the important issue: the love of Jesus is your salvation.” But what’s more important than equality?What’s more, church is a veritable graveyard for women over a certain age.Otherwise, the only thing I’d have to look forward to was a million more years of sexual frustration in dating hell.Reaching my peak point of desperation, I declared my love to this guy I'd gotten obsessed with in the congregation, hoping he’d want to marry me. And after that awkward exchange, he didn’t want to be my friend much either.Even though I didn’t believe in sex before marriage.

I was a total paradox; extremely sexually frustrated while saving myself for marriage. I watched the other women at church flirt like hell with their youth group leaders and offer to make the after-church coffee purely to get closer to godly men.

In the churches I’ve been to, men often dated way younger (we’re talking 20-something youth group leaders dating their teenage mentees), so once a woman hit 30, that was pretty much it for her.

This brand of sexism isn’t exclusive to the church, by any means, but the idea of being closed for business forever was depressing.

I can’t tell you what those worse hobbies are right now, but I'm sure they exist.

My siblings had stopped attending church long before going to college, but all my friends went to Bible study and Friday-night youth group.

Mom was all about us going to the weekly clubs, coffee mornings, and Bible summer school.