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I finally walked into the office,getting a nasty glare from the secratery."In his office ;brat..." I put my nose in the air snootily and said," dang gurl is there any other scent you were than grammaw? Before she could respond I ran to the office seeing the boy I ran into first."Aw... He simply smirked while the princible explained why I was there.I had to show him around the school and I just knew that it would not end well... A/N:i will tell you more in the next 'post' please comment/review My P. VI swagged through the halls earning snickers from 7th and 8th graders. Ironically as soon as I did that I got bored so I thought about why I got called to the office.' Is it cuz I was late? As I 'casually' fall on my butt I'm still just lost in thought. OV"What the cra-" I got cut off by my own thoughts.' Dang, she's hot. She looks kewl.' "*AHEM*" I said getting her attention.

but don't worry i won't forget bout during this break i'm exepting comments/ideas/reviews on the story so please do if you really feel like [i dont] you ca heart like this: »- [spesifically like dis to go with the story's logo,again just if you really want to] My P. V*looks at an imaginary wrist watch*,"OMYGOSHIGOTTAGOTOTHEOFFICEORI' MGUNNAGETANO-THERDETENTIONBYE! " he asked even though I had already ran off.' Well that was sooooooo, polite Hannah, Oh why thankyou madam subconcience we haven't spoken in awhile eh, HAHAHAHAHAH, WHO AM I KIDDING I HAVE NO SUBCONCIENCE!!!

' I thought while laughing to my self.'but seriosly Hannah Sub C.

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But i found this out on Quotev (is a awesome quiz and story site) so i'm gunna put it here..that table (°0º)/ ~ _|___|__|___|_ ~ \(º0º) flip this table FLIP ALL THE TABLES!

_|___|_ ~\(º0º)/~ _|___|_ put.(¬_¬) the tables.(-_-) back.(º^º) ('-')\ ¯|¯¯¯|¯ NEVER!!!! sorry for not looking in a while school is just getting stressful and my town has been flooding from all the rain we're getting.

This page will help you to find out, to put your feelings in place and discern emotional from rational.

Doubting if the person you are with is a right one for you these tests and quizzes will help you to disclose his or her true essence.

" I jumped off my bike running to 6th commons getting wierd looks from some teachers that were on duty.

I litteraly slid on the floor cause I ran too fast. So I'm an adult, and I HAD to say this I don't know why- I actually married the guy who I liked in primary school and he liked me back.

But you can also use this questionnaire to understand the basic personality style of your employers, colleagues, clients, friends, even parents, children and other kin.