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, Nikola Tesla designed the fundamental design for the radio.

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Henry bagged the patent for self-inductance and Faraday for mutual inductance.

The onset of the 1860s saw yet another scientific breakthrough.

Within a year, he was all geared up to demonstrate a wireless transmission over a distance of 50 miles.

However, in 1895, a building fire struck his lab, which gutted all his research papers and work.

In 1895, he sent out the first radio signal, which consisted of the single letter 'S'.

With this, he was granted the world's first patent for the radio.He was showered with international recognition, as he became the first human to transmit a radio signal. He then invented the lightning-recording antenna in 1895.This was then modified as a lightning detector and demonstrated before the Russian Physical and Chemical Society, on May 7, 1895.In 1898, a radio controlled robot-boat was patented by him.This boat was controlled by radio waves and shown in the Electrical Exhibition in Madison Square Garden.His name is used as the standard unit for radio frequencies, which is 'Hertz'.