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So wherever you go, take Dallya with you, whether you are in clubs and bars, or walking your dog in the park, or cruising the shopping mall, you just might find what you’re looking for.

It takes just a few seconds to setup your profile and the profile of your match.

” throws six singles into the dating pool, as cameras follow each and every step almost in real-time.

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Dallya is the only real time dating app with indoor localization and proximity awareness.It is designed to work in indoor locations where classic applications often fail.FM and even what they're watching on Hulu and Netflix and their pictures on Flickr.Ultimately, the point, Odom explained, is to give users a very realistic, in the moment, view of the person they might be going on a date with.Similar to other general online dating websites, features personality profiles, chat and instant message capabilities, and one-on-one correspondence that are both safe and fun!

Wondering the best way to show someone you're interested? Sign up for our newsletter and check out our relationship advice section; written by both singles and professional relationship advisors, all articles and tips are geared to help real singles make long-lasting connections! The sign-up process is simple and, with our advanced search capabilities, the relationship you've been looking for is just a click away!Unlike tech-centered dating services, our event-driven program quickly connects real people in real time.Our social events are not only welcoming and engaging, they’re fun!With Dallya you will always be anonymous and your privacy will stay intact. Founded by Steve Odom, a recently divorced entrepreneur who found himself wanting a more effective way to meet someone new than what was available, Gelato aims to give singles a way to meet someone who might actually be a good match.And, given this wealth of information, Gelato users are also rewarded for the truthfulness of their own profiles.