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The author is a young Russian woman who grew up in St.Petersburg, moved to New York and is now back in Russia teaching English.In Ukraine we have sayings like "A pretty face may not make you happy, but a loving heart will." Very few of Ukrainian women (if any!

First of all we want to assure you that the majority of Ukrainian women looking for western men are NOT just desperate to find foreign husbands or immigrate from Ukraine.The women of Ua are typically well educated, attractive, and smart. It would be a mistake to think that they are only after a green card or a passport. As a matter of fact, women from Ukraine are looking for healthy, financially secure, good-looking men, though we should admit that appearance is not first and foremost for beautiful Ukrainian women.The most important factor is finding someone with a similar mentality who shares my passions and life goals.Maybe he's Russian, maybe he's American, maybe he's African?In no way does this mean that ukrainian women are looking for your money. An Ukrainian wife will stick with you through any turn of fortune, whether you go up or down.

But to consider you a viable option, she must be confident that you are not an unemployed bum.

Female readers, your input about Russian men is very important.

:) Reveal the truth, because some of the observations made by this Russian woman are disturbing!

I don't know because I haven't found any man who keeps me stimulated on the level I wish long-term.

Recently someone sent me a link to an article entitled "." You can read the full text here.

She has dated both American and Russian men, and her observations on the differences are highly amusing.